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Your guide to picking the perfect painter

House painters in Hamilton and Ancaster aren’t all created equal. There are degrees of expertise and skill ranging from master craftsman to summer student workers. Furthermore, contractors each have their own protocols, certifications and standards for customer service. So how do you spot the differences? Here are a few things to look out for.

First impressions

Much can be gleaned based on how a company presents itself. A professional appearance and demeanour should be a given. Is the contractor neat, clean and well groomed? If not, chances are he or she will be equally untidy in your home. The contractor should also be knowledgeable about the trade and politely courteous at all times. Finally, take note of his or her punctuality. Tardiness in attending meetings or delivering a quote indicates disorganization and disregard for your time.


There are two types of insurance any contractor who works on your home should have. The first protects you should your home be damaged (liability insurance) and the second protects you against liability in the event that a worker gets injured while on the job (WSIB certification). You’ll want to make sure that the painting company you ultimately hire has both. Make sure that you see written proof, taking note of expiration dates and amounts covered.

Under warranty

Not every painting contractor stands behind the work they do. However, a good company will guarantee all the workmanship they provide is guaranteed for at least one or two years. Warranties should be provided in writing.

Questions to ask

Some specific things you should inquire about include the following:

  • How will surfaces be prepared before painting? What you want to know is if the contractor will patch holes and cracks first, remove wallpapers, use primers, or if other methods will be utilized to ensure a beautiful end result.
  • How many coats, what brand and what type of paint will be used? There are many factors that can influence the required number of coats needed for optimal results. The contractor should discuss this with you and guide you towards those products best suited for the surface(s) to be painted.
  • Who is responsible for moving items and then replacing them? Ideally, the contractor will move furniture and artwork and then reposition them afterwards.
  • How will my home be protected from dust and unwanted paint stains? Thorough and consistent covering should be the answer.


Ask for recent referrals and then call them to get feedback. At Custom Decorating Services, we believe that the best Hamilton and Ancaster painters will provide all of the above and more. Call us to get a free quote and we’ll provide you with several references at the same time.