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Cozy nursery room with murals, white crib and rocking chair

If you’re redecorating and looking for unique ways to create interest, then it may be well worth looking into the wide world of wall coverings. Not only is there a near-endless variety of wallpapers you can choose from, but you can also elect to dress your walls with fabric, leather, parquet wood or other materials. If you wish to combine wall coverings with paint in your Hamilton home, here are a few ways you could do so:


  1. Wallpapering a feature wall

Create a focal point in the room you’re redecorating by applying wallpaper. Paint the remaining walls the same colour as that found in the background of your chosen wallpaper. If you need help pinpointing the matching hue, our colour consultants are available to help.


  1. Framing wallpaper (or other wall covering)

If wallpapering a whole wall seems like too much of a good thing, consider covering only a section of it. Frame the area you want to dress and apply your covering of choice. You could also frame and then cover several sections of wall in the same room. Once again, it’s best to choose a complementary paint colour for the uncovered wall surfaces.


  1. Covering a headboard

Another simple way to incorporate a wall covering into your decor is to apply it to a headboard. In this case, either complementary or contrasting paint colours could work. This is a great DIY project that would complement your professionally painted walls and trim.


  1. Covering the back of a bookcase

Yet another method to incorporate a wall covering into a room is to adhere it to the back a bookcase, china cabinet or another type of shelving unit. In this case, paint colours you choose for the room should be complementary to at least one of the predominant colours in the wall covering.



  1. If you have chair rail mouldings

A lovely way to combine paint and wall coverings in a room that has chair rail mouldings is to paint the section closer to the floor and dress the section of wall above the rail with your wallpaper or other type of wall covering. In this scenario, paint colours should be complementary to your selected wall coverings.


For help painting or finding paint colours

At Custom Decorating Services, we provide interior and exterior painting services as well as colour consultations. To learn more about wall coverings in Hamilton, schedule an appointment or get a free estimate, contact us today

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